Now Apocalypse: 5 takeaways from the series premiere

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Now Apocalypse
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2. Gabriel is no catfish.

Dating apps are a big part of Now Apocalypse. Carly’s friend Amber is struggling to find a date through one and Ulysses is totally caught up on a guy he’s been talking to that he met through one. The mysterious, and very hot, Gabriel is an enigma. First, he ignores Ulysses’s texts to hang out and then when they finally do meet up, he’s a no-show for the first 45 odd minutes.

Carly believes he’s actually a catfish and thinks Ulysses needs to set his expectations extremely low. But, surprisingly, Gabriel is real and just as dreamy as he appeared to be on the app. In fact, Gabriel and Ulysses fall fast and hard for each other when they do finally meet. To the point Gabriel even breaks his “no hook-up embargo” to fool around behind the place they went on their date at.

But something strange happens during their hook-up. Overhead, an explosion of color, not unlike some atmospheric space phenomenon, occurs in time with their simultaneous climaxes. Both of them appear rattled by the intensity as if fate has intervened somehow.

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Watch Now Apocalypse with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! /

3. Ulysses definitely has feelings for Ford.

Even though Ulysses does eventually meet and fall hard for Gabriel, it’s clear he also has some dormant feelings for his roommate and best friend, Ford. He mentions the two of them once fooled around together during an experimental phase in college and that if Ford was even one iota of bisexual, they would probably be married by now.

To top it all off, while working out together on a hike, Ulysses fantasizes about Ford leaning in to kiss him and then asking if he wants to go hook up in the bushes. Perhaps it’s not a serious infatuation but it’s pretty clear he, at minimum, is lusting after Ford.