Good Trouble: 7 big things that have happened so far in the series

GOOD TROUBLE - Acquired from DIsney/ABC Press - (Freeform/Gus&Lo)
GOOD TROUBLE - Acquired from DIsney/ABC Press - (Freeform/Gus&Lo) /

Good Trouble is going through some interesting storylines, and we’re curious to see what will happen heading into the end of season 1 and season 2. Here’s what we’ve gathered.

I think I can now say that I’ve become adjusted to the show’s format. The episode can start from the middle, the end or from the beginning. It’s not as confusing to me anymore as I’m now becoming used to how Good Trouble airs its episodes. Although, all of you who read my articles about The Fosters spin-off know that I can’t leave this article without one complaint: The fake fantasy sequences. I fall for it all the time. I’m not complaining because I’m falling for it. I’m complaining because it’s unnecessary to the storylines.

Freeform ordered 13 episodes for the first season. The network also renewed Good Trouble for a second season, which is great news! As the first season is coming to an end and Good Trouble is on its 11th episode, we’ve learned quite a bit about what’s going on with the characters.

Malika, Dom, and their mother

Malika meets with Dom and their mother. We find out their mother is an alcoholic and a former drug addict. Malika tells her brother, Dom, that he is enabling their mother by buying her alcohol. However, he thinks otherwise. Dom thinks doing this is safe since their mother would otherwise be out in the streets. Regardless, in the end, none of this is helping their mother out, and Malika is trying to make Dom see what their mother is doing to him. He’s too blind to see it. Let’s hope Dom realizes it soon.

Good Trouble
GOOD TROUBLE – “Re-Birthday” – Acquired from Disney/ABC Press – (Freeform/Eric McCandless) /

Is Raj and Mariana’s relationship blossoming?

It has been interesting watching Raj go from siding with Alex at work to now siding with Mariana. We all know Speckulate is filled with coworkers being sexist, racist, and misogynistic. On last week’s episode of Good Trouble Season 1, Episode 10, titled “Re-Birthday,” we see Mariana and Raj bonding. Right at the end of the episode, she takes a selfie with her and Raj along with the disco ball that the Coterie steals from the club (Was I the only one who thought they were going to kiss?!).

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While you’re watching these episodes now, you see Raj has it for Mariana, and I ship them! They are absolutely adorable. I think it’s only a matter of time before they’re together, and the producers and writers are building the relationship up organically. I like the ship name that Alex and Sam made for them too: #MaRaj. I can’t wait to see how the relationship blossoms.

Callie and Rebecca become closer

I did NOT see Callie and Rebecca becoming closer. All this time I thought Rebecca was a b-tch. This serves as a reminder to never judge anyone without knowing their full story. Callie and Rebecca meet a female clerk who is working for Judge Handelman.

A little bit later, we see Rebecca begins trusting Callie and she tells Callie that Rebecca’s former boss, Judge Handelman, was sexually harassing her. Callie wants Rebecca to come forward as Callie doesn’t want another female clerk to be sexually assaulted. Callie informs Judge Wilson of how Judge Handelman is towards women. Callie also persuades Rebecca to file a sexual harassment complaint against Judge Handelman, which Rebecca does.

Judge Wilson helps Rebecca by filing a complaint against Judge Handelman. Judge Wilson asks the Chief Justice to remove Judge Handelman from the bench. In the end, Rebecca receives job offers and accepts one.

Before Rebecca leaves to move to Denver, she leaves a goodbye note on Callie’s desk which shows how close they have become. I hope Molly McCook (Rebecca) isn’t leaving the show now, but I think she might be.

Good Trouble
GOOD TROUBLE – “Playing the Game” — Acquired from Disney/ABC Press – (Freeform/Eric McCandless) /

Callie knows about Judge Wilson’s son

Callie, Ben and Rebecca eat dinner at Judge Wilson’s house. After they all leave his house, Callie forgets her phone and returns to his house to get it. Right before she leaves his house again, she sees Judge Wilson’s son, Tate, (with Judge Wilson next to him) with an ankle bracelet monitor on Good Trouble Season 1, Episode 4, titled, “Playing The Game.”

Later on during the first season, Callie overhears Judge Wilson and his son arguing in his office. Once his son, Tate, leaves the office, Judge Wilson trusts Callie and tells her about his son’s past. Tate partied through college, and the college expelled him.

Afterward, the police arrest Tate for a DWI. While that was happening, Tate ended up hitting the police officer, so he was charged for that as well, Tate is under house arrest and on probation. Only Callie is aware of Judge Wilson’s situation. Judge Wilson also likes Callie’s integrity and honesty, so it appears he will be trusting her a lot with many things.

Good Trouble
GOOD TROUBLE – “Re-Birthday” — Acquired from Disney/ABC Press – (Freeform/Eric McCandless) /

Alice comes out to her parents

Alice’s parents don’t know she’s a lesbian. Alice comes out to her parents while they’re eating lunch and Alice’s mother becomes emotional and blames her father for this. That was devastating to watch. I’m hoping her parents will accept Alice for who she is. Alice is also moving on from her ex, Sumi, and is dating Joey. We’re proud of how strong Alice is slowly becoming.

Brandon is a driver on the side

I wrote in a previous article that we learn from last week’s episode of Good Trouble “Re-Birthday” that Brandon is still a composer. His wife, Eliza, supports him. Brandon is also driving people around as a side job for extra money. Jamie (Eliza’s brother) has no idea that Brandon is doing this as a side job, and Brandon doesn’t want him finding out or he will be embarrassed.

I’m curious to learn if Jamie will find out about Brandon’s side job. Brandon shouldn’t feel guilty about what he likes to do, the poor guy. I hope to see more of Brandon appearing on Good Trouble in the second season.

Good Trouble
GOOD TROUBLE – “DTLA” – Acquired from Disney/ABC Press – (Freeform/Beth Dubber) /

Callie and Gael break up

Yes! Praise the God’s. I love this news. Gael becomes fed up with Callie as she is just coming up to his room for sex and not to help him with his artwork or anything. Gael realizes that his boyfriend, Bryan, is always there to help him out with his artwork for school. Bryan tries to help Gael become better with the artwork and isn’t there just for the sex. In the end, Callie breaks up with Gael. Gael tells Callie that everyone is just living in the world, according to Callie.

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Now it seems Callie and Jamie may become a couple. The only thing is, they’re family, so isn’t that weird? I’m curious to see what Mariana thinks of all this.

How do you feel the first season is going? What new things do you want to see in the second season? Share your thoughts below!

Good Trouble airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on Freeform.