Flack recap: 3 important moments in Season 1, Episode 5

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“Flack” – Pictured (L-R): Bradley Whitford, Anna Paquin – Photo Courtesy of Pop PR

Flack delivers its best episode yet when Robyn is forced to handle a PR crisis while suspended thousands of miles above ground in an airplane.

I always admire when television attempts to tell a story in an unconventional manner. In every episode of Flack we’ve seen thus far, Robyn has been on the move, constantly hopping from one location to the next in order to save the careers of her clients. She has had the aide of Eve, Caroline, and Melody to assist her in the most difficult of situations.

What if you took Robyn and supplanted her somewhere completely out of her element? Would she sink or swim? It’s the question Flack tries to answer this week when Robyn is stuck in an airplane with her client whose career is about to go off like an atomic bomb if she doesn’t figure out a way to manage the impending crisis while thousands of miles above the ground without any of her best resources.

It’s a surprisingly poignant hour, delivering Robyn’s best character beats yet while also giving Paquin plenty of emotionally resonant material to work with. Here are the three most vital moments of Robyn’s character development this week.

3. Robyn is a voice of comfort.

Pre-takeoff, there is an antsy little girl named Penny fidgeting in her seat. Robyn takes it upon herself to offer a few words of comfort to her. While her dad looks on, Robyn tells Penny a secret – her father told her before the flight he is far more scared than she is so she needs to act brave for him to calm him down. Penny’s thankful dad looks on as Robyn chats with her daughter and meets her stuffed bunny, Daisy.

We’ve never seen Robyn’s maternal side before, not conveyed with tenderness, at least. It’s a reminder that at one point, she did want children, enough to talk to Sam about it. Despite all her fears and worries about turning out like her mother, Robyn is capable of being a kind, loving, support system when she wants to be.

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