Top 5 moments from Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, Episode 18

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Grey's Anatomy


Alex and DeLuca go head-to-head over an 11-year-old patient and Maggie tries an alternative approach to medicine in tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

What if you could get a fix for what ails you by simply sitting with a bunch of trees? Or by basking in a room filled with blue light? Alternative medicine is a tactic practiced by doctors around the world trying to find new methods of helping their patients that don’t involve surgery or medication. As an experiment to see how well these methods can work, Maggie designates three rooms in the hospital to test her experiment.

Each space serves a backdrop for character interaction in the new episode. Considering one room has a couple hooking up in it by the end of the night, could we declare Maggie’s room a success? Perhaps the pain management is just in a different form than she pictured. Let’s dig into the top five moments from Season 15, Episode 18 of Grey’s Anatomy.

5. The impromptu math quiz bowl.

One patient this week is an 11-year-old girl struggling with pancreatitis. She is a regular at the hospital and a math genius. Despite doing math for fun, she excels at it, even over the likes of someone like Qadri who actually studies the subject.

When resident Grey-Sloan geniuses, Maggie, Bailey, and Jake, catch wind of Nora’s prowess, they’re intrigued enough to put her wits to the test in a math problem face-off. One that warrants a hilarious slow-mo entrance of the trio and Qadri, who is hoping for a rematch.

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