Broad City: 4 shows to watch if you miss Ilana and Abbi

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Broad City
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Broad City will hold a special place in fan’s hearts forever. Even though the show is ending, there are a few shows that could fill that hole in your heart.

It’s hard to believe Broad City is already over. For 5 seasons, Abbi and Ilana have been entertaining us with their friendship, relationships and general shenanigans. Thankfully, the show is ending on their own terms and not getting canceled. That’s always a good sign as the two were able to give the show an ending they wanted.

Regardless, that doesn’t make it any easier. Even though the show is ending, it did bring about a lot of good things. The friendship between Abbi and Ilana is easily one of the most realistic to ever be on the small screen. The two are the picture of millennial friendship and continued to dazzle us up until the end. The series didn’t just focus on their friendship, though.

While it was still funny, it talked about larger topics such as politics, workplace unhappiness and struggling to find a job after college. In a way, it felt like the show was a mirror to some of its viewers. Basically, a way to say “Hey. It’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out yet but you will.” Broad City was truly one-of-a-kind and remains one of Comedy Central’s best shows.

Thankfully, Hulu still has all of the episodes to watch. If you’ve already watched them over and over again, you might be looking for something new. If so, then this list is for you as it’s focusing on 4 shows that are similar to Broad City. Whether it be their themes or characters, each of these shows would be a good choice if you’re dealing with a Broad City hangover.