Why Justice League Unlimited deserves to return for another season

Photo Credit: Justice League/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Image Acquired from DC Entertainment PR
Photo Credit: Justice League/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Image Acquired from DC Entertainment PR /

DC has provided several groundbreaking series and films in their expansive universe, but none have quite made an impact like the remarkable Justice League Unlimited, and it’s time the league returns.

DC fans have been gifted with multiple animated series for decades now, beginning with Batman and Superman standalone series before branching out into the Justice League series from 2001-2004. The series was met with extremely positive reception from fans and critics, eventually evolving into the larger roster of Justice League Unlimited from 2004-2006.

As the series wrapped, there still felt like there was plenty of stories to tell, mythology to explore and characters to introduce which has since created a void in the hearts of the DCAU fandom (DC Animated Universe.) Because it’s been over 10 years since we’ve heard a peep from the JLU, what makes this the opportune moment for a return? There are a few reasons worth discussing, so let’s dive in.

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As DC began to expand their live action and animated rosters, it led to the DC universe platform that is now home to series like Doom Patrol, Titans, and the upcoming Swamp Thing as well as Stargirl. Additionally, DC universe introduced an opening for returning fanbases when the widely-popular Young Justice was renewed for a third season several years after its cancellation. The series garnered more acclaim than before and in a time of revivals, it only seems sensible to ponder what other titles could be revisited through DC.

While the return of Young Justice was the first moment to present a possibility, the ending of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies presented a possible return for yet another beloved title – Teen Titans. The film’s final scenes included a snippet of the OG Titans and since then, DC has confirmed that a Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans crossover could be the stepping stone into a sixth season for Teen Titans.

To appease our nostalgia even more, the recent Justice League vs The Fatal Five was a slight nod to the hardcore fans of the franchise, giving us the return of veteran voice actors who practically created an image of what their respective heroes should embody. The returning actors include Susan Eisenberg, Kevin Conroy, and George Newbern reprising the roles as the heroic trio, which gave us a very subtle taste of what a return could be like for modern-day JLU and the DCAU.

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Because the story was a standalone chapter for the DC Animated Universe, it appeared to be DC’s way of testing the waters for more animated Justice League. Of course, it’s primarily speculation. However, Eisenberg has been extremely vocal about her support for a return to JLU on social media and has insisted that if the film does well there could be a future with our beloved team of heroes once again.

Eisenberg’s tweets have begun to gain traction with other actors and fans, leading us to this almost in-between state where all we truly need now is confirmation of a chance from WB. The outpouring of love from fans serves as an active reminder that the sentiment is still shared by countless others.

What makes DC’s Justice League vastly different from other animated series is the all-ages attainability it establishes. Watching as a child, the series can be entertaining and even give youth something idealistic to strive for, whereas an adult, the series can still be appreciated for its inclusions of maturity and sense of morality that’s an overarching theme in the DCAU.

Aside from its generational importance, an essential reason we have found ourselves needing more JLU comes from the extremely powerful and diverse team roster. Justice League was dominated by major personalities that we have love and respect for, but the roster gave heroes like Supergirl, Question, Huntress, Vigilante, and others a chance to find their own footing and add to the depth of JLU.

We’ll always love series like Teen Titans, Young Justice and Batman Beyond, but there’s a captivating quality Justice League Unlimited has that doesn’t seem possible to recreate in any other form. After all of the discussions to revitalize each iconic animated series and reintroduce the DCAU, the only proper step to take next is bringing back the JLU.

With a cast hoping to begin once again, a large group of supporters from children to adults and evildoers that need defeating, doesn’t it feel like the Justice League needs to make a comeback?

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