5 characters Idris Elba could play in Suicide Squad 2

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Idris Elba speaks onstage at Netflix's 'Turn Up Charlie' For Your Consideration event at Pacific Design Center on March 02, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 02: Idris Elba speaks onstage at Netflix's 'Turn Up Charlie' For Your Consideration event at Pacific Design Center on March 02, 2019 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images) /

Deadshot is out of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 but don’t worry, Idris Elba is still in! Here are 5 characters he could play in the sequel.

It wasn’t too long ago news broke that Idris Elba would be replacing Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad 2. Now Variety reports Elba will actually be playing an as-yet-undetermined new character and Deadshot will not be in the second film at all.

This is pretty exciting news for DC fans because it means we’ll get to see Idris Elba bring a new DC character to life rather than rehash one who was already well-received by audiences and critics alike. Along with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Will Smith was one of the most liked parts of the first Suicide Squad, it would be a shame to overwrite his work as Deadshot already.

I’m excited to see Elba get a chance to put his own spin on a different character. Here are 5 ideas of who he could play in Suicide Squad 2.

5. Count Vertigo

I think it might be fun to add another wild card like Count Vertigo into the mix. It would be a fun role for the charismatic Elba for sure, and pretty different from most of the roles he’s played in his career thus far.

Count Vertigo wound up in the Suicide Squad the same way many others did, by exchanging a prison sentence for the grunt work. His abilities include superb hand-to-hand contact and the ability to disorient his opponents and knocking them off balance. He also has bipolar disorder and it could be a good opportunity for DC to introduce a nuanced depiction of mental illness.

4. Christopher Smith (Peacemaker)

There are reports that James Gunn will be adding Peacemaker to the Suicide Squad sequel and that he is seeking out Dave Bautista for the role. Neither rumor has been confirmed but if it is true and Bautista sits this one out, this could be the perfect role for Idris Elba. Peacemaker is an interesting character in that he is an extremist pacifist, as in, he is so obsessed with the idea of peace, he’ll kill for it.

He used to work for a secret, elite government agency that fought against terrorism. With his training, Smith took on the identity of Peacemaker to patrol the streets in his civilian guise with high-tech weaponry in order to fight off anyone who might try and disturb the peace. Smith is well-adept to operating in a squad and under a government agency so he would fit right in on the squad.

3. The Polka-Dot Man

Like Peacemaker, the Polka-Dot Man is another character rumored to be introduced in Suicide Squad 2. His abilities include manifesting polka dots on his body and being able to turn them into weapons. I get the feeling the character may be changed or enhanced to make him fit into the grittier vibe of these movies, or they may go a different direction and use him as comic relief.

Either way, Elba would be great for the part. Personally, I’d like to see this as a more humorous role if he is cast in it as I like to see Idris Elba do comedy and he doesn’t seem to get the opportunity all that often. I could see him becoming a fan favorite.

2. Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)

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Like Deadshot and Amanda Waller before him, the most recent live-action depiction of Captain Cold was in The CW’s Arrow-verse. I’m not caught up on DCTV, but last I checked I think Snart had been killed off, which means there shouldn’t be any character licensing issue into getting Captain Cold on the big-screen.

Snart is an iconic villain to The Flash, but so is Captain Boomerang and King Shark, both characters set to appear (or already appeared) in the Suicide Squad films. There’s not much preventing Captain Cold from entering the universe. In the comics, he did serve time on the squad and personally, I think Elba would make an awesome Captain Cold.

Suicide Squad didn’t have many rogues with meta-human abilities and so Snart would fit in well with the rest of the group due to his his extensive cryogenic knowledge and technological achievements. Not to mention the fact he is an ambiguously moral character. He has been played as a villain and an anti-hero in various incarnations, another commonality as the other DC characters.

1. Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger)

Another supervillain/anti-hero and former member of the Suicide Squad, Turner is a master martial artist. He too, appeared on the television show Arrow (who hasn’t at this point?). Ben Turner was actually assigned to be the lead of the Suicide Squad at one point, though he wound up playing second fiddle to Rick Flag. That could bring an interesting dynamic to the film if Waller decides to cause a little friction on the team (and we all know she’s the type of woman to do just that).

It would be cool for the writers to change things up in Suicide Squad 2 by putting Bronze Tiger in charge, creating conflict between him and Rick Flag. I certainly think Elba is up to the task, though I hope they keep him human like Arrow did and nix the actual tiger thing since they already had Killer Croc and now potentially King Shark, we don’t need that many animal/human hybrids running around.

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Who do you want Idris Elba to play in Suicide Squad 2? Do you like any of the ideas presented here? Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Suicide Squad 2 is currently set for release in August 2021.