11 characters with the best last words on Game of Thrones

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Ser Rodrik Cassel

Last Words: “Gods help you, Theon Greyjoy. Now you are truly lost.”

How He Died: Beheaded by an impulsive and irresponsible Theon Greyjoy after disrespecting his authority as new Lord of Winterfell.

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Why His Last Words Made An Impact: As a veteran of many wars and an accomplished Master at Arms, Rodrik Cassel (Ron Donachie) wasn’t one to waste words or plead for his life. So, when given the chance to speak before dying, Rodrik Cassel uttered a simple declaration that would damn the impetuous Theon to a life of misery and pain. Taking the life of an innocent man who had been nothing but gracious to him while he grew up as a ward of the Starks, well, that’s certainly reason enough to be cursed.