Bob’s Burgers take on trends in a radio potato episode

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In Bob’s Burgers’ first episode of April, Bob and the kids try to help a fixture from Bob’s past. Meanwhile, Linda tries to solve a unique potato problem.

After a small break, Bob’s Burgers is back with a new episode. Don’t get too used to it though as the show won’t air again until after Easter. Thankfully, we still have this week’s episode to get us through. Entitled “Long Time Listener, First Time Bob,” Bob could be on the verge of a budding radio career or maybe hosting his own podcast. If the rest of the family gets involved, then goofiness is bound to ensue.

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, there will be spoilers from “Long Time Listener, First Time Bob” from this point on!

The episode begins with the family going bowling together and we find out that Bob is annoyed about not being on the “best burger” list. He explains that part of the reason is that they don’t serve sweet potato fries. Once at the bowling alley, Bob recognizes the guy as an old radio DJ he loved: Clem Clemens. The family goes up to him and Clem explains that he got fired because he wouldn’t sell out.

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The next day, Bob decides to take lunch to Clem as he thinks they have a connection. Clem convinces Bob to confront his old station manager, Vance to help get his job back. Clem agrees to go with him and the two meet up at the station the next day. The station manager kicks them out after they don’t change his mind. Clem and Bob sneak into his old studio where Clem locks them in and decides to take over the show.

Once on air, Clem gives Bob all the credit and Bob starts to regret helping him. Linda and Teddy head to the studio to try to rescue everyone else. Louise has to go pee, resulting in Vance getting into the studio and stopping him. Bob comes up with an idea to help Clem broadcast inside the radio station van. They decide to park near one of the restaurants on the list so the people will go to Bob’s instead and Linda explains that no matter what the trends are, being authentic is all that matters.

At the restaurant, Teddy orders sweet potato fries and Bob gets mad, taking them off the menu. To make up for the abundance of sweet potatoes, Linda decides to make pies. Teddy tries it and tells Linda that it’s not good. She agrees once she tries it and the two eventually give up on trying to sell the sweet potato pies.

Breaking down the plotlines for “Long Time Listener, First Time Bob” is tough. The main plotline with Bob and the kids was a majority of the episode. As for Linda’s sweet potato plotline, it really didn’t fit. It honestly could have been put in another episode and made much more sense. However, the general theme for the two is what connected them so I can’t knock it too much.

The radio plotline with Bob and the kids was incredibly unique and timely. Not only did we get a glimpse into the early life of the restaurant but saw how passionate Bob was. He was willing to do anything to help Clem even when it went off the rails. Additionally, radio is starting to fade away so it was nice to see that Bob’s Burgers recognizes that. Plus Nick Offerman voiced Clem which was incredible.

Overall, “Long Time Listener, First Time Bob” felt like an okay episode. There were a few high points, but the episode wasn’t anything special. With the season finale coming soon though, every episode isn’t always going to be a winner. Maybe I’m the minority here but I think the episode was a little lower in terms of quality. Hopefully, a few weeks break will help with that.

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I give “Long Time Listener, First Time Bob” a C.

What did you think of Long Time Listener, First Time Bob?” Do you think the episode was good or just an okay outing?

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