Star vs the Forces of Evil: 3 takeaways from Season 4, Episodes 9 and 10


There are four new episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil and each one delivers some pretty important stuff about the final season of the show.

On this week’s new episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil we see the growing yurt community where Moon and River are living, a rousing game of Cornball, Janna’s babysitting tactics, a teenage Toffee, and even the grand return of Ludo! Let’s recap the biggest takeaways from Season 4, Episodes 9 and 10.

Ludo is living with his family again.

Dennis uses all of his life savings to purchase Castle Avarius for Ludo! Except the guy he bought the deed from, Evil J. LandBaron III, actually swindled him out of the castle and his savings with an over-complicated contract that dictates the ownership of the castle goes back to him after the reconsctruction. Dennis is devastated by this, as all he really wanted was to have a place for he and his family to live together and for Ludo to finally leave his past behind and move forward with his brother.

Understanding this, Ludo does the noble thing (sort of) and threatens LandBaron into giving back the deed. He moves his entire family into the castle and they kind of get a happily ever after. I’m glad we got to see Ludo again before the show ends, if this is the last we see of him, it’s a nice send-off.

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Mina Loveberry was responsible for trying to Yada Yada Eclipsa.

Remember the Yada Yada berry fiasco from a few episodes ago? We never found out who was actually attempting to poison Eclipsa, until now. Mina Loveberry makes her grand return in this week’s Star vs the Forces of Evil as the ghost of Butterfly Castle. Moon stumbles upon her when she goes to retrieve her day planner and Mina shows her the garden of Yada Yada berries she has been growing.

Mina wants to return to the olden days where she and the other warrior Butterflies defended the world from monsters. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Mina on this season of Star vs the Forces of Evil as it seems she has an agenda she is determined to carry out and that could definitely spell trouble for Eclipsa.

Buffrog moves back to Mewni.

The most popular sport in Mewni, Cornball, is meant to have a historic game where Mewmans and monsters will play on the same team for the first time. Except, when the game actually starts, the team captains pick their own kind, making it a team of monsters versus a team of Mewmans, showing not much has changed. Star had invited Buffrog and his family along to witness the successful integration but instead, angry fights between Mewmans and monsters break out all over the stadium.

He decides to leave until they realize that many Mewman and monster children have started their own game of Cornball, playing together in perfect harmony. This shows Buffrog that change is possible and we get a great line about him acknowledging their generation is messed up but there may be hope for the little ones. Hm, sounds familiar.

The royal wand was made from a rattle.

In the episode “Meteora’s Lesson” we learn that not only has Glossaryck become Meteora’s teacher, instructing her on how to do the dip down, but he has a son and we see how the original magic wand was made. He and Meteora travel back in time on an errand and they accidentally overshoot to the beginning of the Butterfly’s and we see how Glossaryck made the wand. He uses Meteora’s wand to fill it with a baby Millhorse and it becomes magical.

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What did you think of this weeks new episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil? What do you think is going to happen with Mina Loveberry? Did you like seeing Ludo again? What are your hopes for the rest of the season? Let us know in the comments below!

New episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil are set to premiere April 14 at 8/7c AM on both Disney Channel and Disney XD.