25 Game of Thrones characters you’d want on your Small Council

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Game of Thrones
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17. Brienne of Tarth

The role she’d take: Lord Commander

Why she’d be worthy While we’ve already looked at three people who would make good Lord Commanders, there is one you may want to consider above all of then Brienne of Tarth has routinely proven herself to be one you want to fight on your side.

Her biggest downfall is her gender. People look at her and immediately assume that, because she’s a woman, she can’t fight. Yet, she continually proves herself otherwise. And it’s that ability to stand up against the naysayers that would make you want her as your Lord Commander. She would be able to prove to others that she is the one worth taking orders from.

Brienne would also give more women a voice. She’s not the first woman that people haven’t listened to, only to be put in their place. As other women see her doing this, they’ll have more confidence in themselves.

Then there’s the loyalty. Brienne of Tarth is loyal to those she believes in. She put her trust in Renly and when she saw Stannis’ shadow kill Renly, she put her trust in Catelyn and followed her orders. Her one goal has been to keep Arya and Sansa safe, and I could see her dying in Game of Thrones Season 8 to protect both of these women, discharging her duty the only way she would see fit.

With that sort of loyalty, you know she’d put the safety of the monarch first.