25 Game of Thrones characters you’d want on your Small Council

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Game of Thrones
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16. Khal Drogo

The role he’d take: Lord Commander

Why he’d be worthy: Khal Drogo may not understand the Westeros practises but he is one of the best individuals to lead an army. He’s strong – both physically and mentally. This is a guy who is able to lead thousands of Dothraki soldiers and will win in hand-to-hand battle every single time. It was an infection that killed him, not a person!

The Master of War needs to understand military tactics. This person needs to be focused on winning, making sure the soldiers are well-trained and have the ability to win. Drogo would certainly help to do that.

The downside to Drogo – and the reason he doesn’t get to jump further up the list – is that he isn’t someone to follow the orders of others. Yes, he listened to Daenerys, but that was only because she started proving herself worthy. Drogo wouldn’t just follow anyone – and it would be difficult for him just to follow.

This wouldn’t be someone you wouldn’t necessarily be able to trust. However, maybe as a consort to the queen, he could also serve on the Small Council. We’ll ignore that technicality for now!