25 Game of Thrones characters you’d want on your Small Council

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Game of Thrones
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12. Maester Aemon

The role he’d take: Grand Maester

Why he’d be worthy: When it comes to the Maesters on Game of Thrones, there’s only one that you could fully trust. Maester Aemon was the Grand Maester of the Night’s Watch and routinely proved his loyalty. There was no question about who he supported, as his advice was always fair and on point for the current situation. That advice always put the Night’s Watch and the Wall first.

Even as a Targaryen, he remained focused on his current expectations. He joined the Night’s Watch voluntarily, which meant giving up his title and the expectations to his name. There didn’t seem to be any regret for this, and you could always respect his wise words and his decisions.

He was loyal to the cause, loyal to the Night’s Watch. You know that he would be loyal to the monarch he served on the Small Council.

There’s only one other person who you could see possibly being a better choice for Grand Maester on your Small Council, but there’s only one reason for that: age. Unfortunately, the age of Maester Aemon was always going to be a disadvantage as you knew he wouldn’t be around for too long. However, that age brought experience and wisdom.