25 Game of Thrones characters you’d want on your Small Council

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Game of Thrones
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10. Samwell Tarly

The role he’d take: Grand Maester

Why he’d be worthy: Maester Aemon certainly would make a good Grand Maester, but I pointed out the flaw of him being old. This is where Samwell Tarly has the advantage. He’s young, so there’s less chance of him dying – well, that is as long as there are no White Walkers around that he has to fight again. The benefit of being a Maester is that he’s less likely to be fighting, even though he has proven himself capable.

Samwell is one of the most loyal but fair people in the world. He followed Jon purely because Jon offered him advice and support. He proved himself to be worthy of friendship and trust.

Along with all that, he’s consistently put others ahead of himself. He routinely makes sure that others are safe, even if it means his own neck is on the line. You want someone completely loyal and trustworthy on your Small Council.

Then there’s his love for reading and his willingness to try absolutely anything. While learning to become a Maester in the Citadel, he put his own theories to the test. He managed to find a way to cure Greyscale, something that nobody else has managed to do. Even if it was against the rules and against his own orders, he put someone else before himself – and in the sense that he did it, you want this sort of mind and soul on your side.

His downside is lack of confidence in himself. However, as he’s found his calling, he’s gained far more confidence than ever before.