25 Game of Thrones characters you’d want on your Small Council

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Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark – Photo 4: Helen Sloan/HBO via HBO Media Relations /

3. Sansa Stark

The role she’d take: Hand of the King/Queen

Why she’d be worthy: Starring off the Top 3, it’s all about Sansa Stark. This is a character who has come a long way since her introduction at the beginning of Game of Thrones. She is one of the remaining children of Ned and Catelyn, but has possibly been through some of the worst situations – and none of the Stark children have had an easy ride!

Throughout the series we’ve watched her become a political pawn, almost get raped by strangers, get abused and raped by her second husband, humiliated and punished for something she never did. However, she has learned a lot over that time, including how to be an excellent leader.

Sansa gained a lot of skills from her time around Cersei Lannister. The difference is that Sansa still has a heart and she still values family. When it came to taking out Petyr Baelish, she had no issue doing it. She was smart enough to side with her sister and keep that familial bond.

This is a woman who now knows how to strategize. While I’ve marked her as a good Hand of the King/Queen (or a position of Master of War could be opened up for her), she also has the skills to make a good Master of Spies. Whichever position, she would adapt and impress.