Shadowhunters Season 3, Episode 17 (spoiler-free) review: Heavenly Fire

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Photo credit: Freeform, acquired from Freeform press site /
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Sizzy goes undercover

Are you ready for the Sizzy friendship feels?! Still determined to find out what’s going on at The Gard – with some extra motivation due to the hunt for Glorious – Isabelle has constructed a plan to get an undercover agent into the center of the conspiracy. That agent? It’s none other than our very own Simon Lewis (or should we say Zeke Russo), who will be heading into the prison to try and uncover information about operation Heavenly Fire.

There’s an interesting use of technology from the books here that fans will recognize within this storyline, and we loved to see how the show incorporated the popular tech element into Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 17 with some added originality.

We know from the episode trailer that Simon is going to make it into the prison, and he’s going to be reunited with a few other characters who’ve been recently been handed over to the Clave as well, which only adds to the complication of sticking to his alias. Of course there’s going to be some humor as we watch Simon try to carry this persona of what he thinks a murderer acts like, but he’s got serious business to take care of, and we’ll see more of that “action hero” role come out when he’s faced with higher stakes than he may have originally anticipated.

At the same time, Isabelle is going to have to make some unwanted moves of her own to drive the plan forward, and over the course of the storyline, the team will utilize new, old, predictable, and unexpected alliances that are going to have an effect on relationships in the remainder of Season 3B.

Shadowhunters revealed on social media that we would (finally) see Helen Blackthorn in this week’s episode, and while you may have an idea about how her character could be incorporated into the story, we think you’re going to love her performance – especially her role as the team’s efforts to uncover Glorious grow to be much more complex. Overall, there are interesting and thought-provoking situations that arise over the course of the episode that present some familiar moral questions to the audience. While these themes and conflicts are not new to the series, the story here feels fresh and original with a few shocking “game-changer” moments and consequences.