15 most satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones

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deaths on Game of Thrones
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Viserys Targaryen

Time of Death: Season 1, Episode 6 “A Golden Crown”

Cause of Death: A crown of molten gold poured on his head by Khal Drogo.

Valar Morghulis: Daenerys’s first triumph over lifelong oppression came within the walls of the great temple of Vaes Dothrak. When her abusive and cruel brother Vicerys (Harry Lloyd) begins to realize that Khal Drogo has no intention of following through on his end of the bargain they struck for Daenerys’s hand in marriage, he gets sloppy drunk and crashes a celebration dinner, demanding what is his.

Fed up with her brother’s male privilege nonsense, Daenerys gives the nod to her beloved hubs, and he promises to give Vicerys a crown of gold. For a moment, the petty Vicerys is overjoyed. He’s won! But wait. Nope. He hasn’t. Apparently the tale of the monkey’s paw hasn’t hit Essos quite yet, because Vicerys should have been more careful about what he wished for.

Drogo’s men break Vicerys’s arm like a twig while Drogo melts a gold belt into a shimmery liquid. Once his murder tool is hot and ready, Drogo grabs it with his meaty arms and swiftly pours it over Vicerys’s whinging face, ensuring a quick – yet wholly unexpected – death. Extra points for creativity.