15 most satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones

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deaths on Game of Thrones
Michael McElhatton, Iwan Rheon.photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

Roose Bolton

Time of Death: Season 6, Episode 2 “Home”

Cause of Death: Unceremoniously stabbed in the heart by his son, Ramsay.

Valar Morghulis: Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) was no picnic himself, but his bastard was undoubtedly the most hellish monster that the Seven Kingdoms had ever seen. So it came as no surprise when his son Ramsay instantly ran him through with a knife as soon as he learned that his father had birthed a legitimate heir. Roose was either too dumb or too cocky – or both – to see that coming.

While Roose’s death was pleasing to witness, it meant that Ramsay had stolen the title of Warden of the North. Roose was a monster in his own right – betraying the Starks to pursue his own interests – but at least the man had some cunning and sense. Ramsay had neither. But, for a moment, it was thrilling to watch Roose’s bastard son take his sadistic father down with a single blow.