These are all the faces Arya might wear before Game of Thrones is over

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Game of Thrones
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Cersei Lannister

Cersei is an enemy that deserves her place on Arya’s list. There’s a line of people that can wrap around the world a few times ready to take Cersei out that include most of the Westerosi population. She also has Ellaria Sand from Dorne, who is still in the dungeons of the Red Keep, who would also have a bone to pick with Cersei. The question that remains is who will have the pleasure of putting an end to Cersei’s cruel reign?

Should Arya have the chance to kill Cersei it would be most shocking should she wear Jaime Lannister’s face convincing Cersei that out of the infinite possible enemies that could come to kill her, her brother and lover is the one that took the responsibility into his own hands. After Arya’s done the deed, she would then have access to the face of the current queen of the seven kingdoms. Why not use Cersei’s face to undo all of the damage that she meant to cause?

Arya could get Qyburn to pull back the Mountain from hurting anyone, free Elarria Sand from the dungeons, and stop any of Cersei’s vicious plans that have yet to unfold. That’s if Arya gets to Kings Landing in time to execute Cersei before anyone else gets the honor. Nonetheless, Arya putting on the Cersei disguise would be beneficial in making changes in those moments before anyone realizes that the wicked queen is dead.