These are all the faces Arya might wear before Game of Thrones is over

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After taking Gendry off the hands of The Brotherhood without Banners, Melisandre unknowingly ended up on Arya’s long list of people to kill. Gendry was one of Arya’s best friend, and she took his kidnapping very seriously. The truth is that Arya probably thinks he’s dead since he went off with the red lady and was never seen again. With no way to tell what became of her dear friend, who she doesn’t realize is working alongside her brother Jon Snow, Melisandre will have to pay for Gendry’s fate.

Last we saw Melisandre she was on her way to Volantis. But we can definitely expect her return in the upcoming season because she admitted to Varys that she knows that she is destined to die in Westeros. Whether she will die by Arya’s hand, is something that is still up in the air for discussion. Especially, since Melisandre saw in Arya’s face that she would kill many people and that they would meet again. Does that mean that Arya will be the reason Melisandre dies in Westeros?

Melisandre’s reputation for telling prophecies and working miracles makes her face an essential one for sure. Should Arya get her hands on Melisandre’s likeness, Arya could pretend to be providing someone with words of wisdom as a trap. She could also put on the Melisandre garb to convince another Red God worshipper.