Will Black Summer be renewed for a second season on Netflix?

Look out, zombies are on the loose at Netflix. Are they scary enough to return for another season of Black Summer?

Black Summer premiered on Netflix on April 11 to the delight of zombie fans! Have you binge-watched the entire series? I sure have! Despite not impressing me too much with its trailer, I tuned in and was instantly hooked. I wasn’t intrigued for the reasons you may be thinking, though.

The series isn’t brilliant and it certainly won’t receive much praise, but one thing we can all agree about Black Summer is that it’s entertaining. Whether we’re yelling at the characters for being lame, unreasonable, ridiculous or just not very smart, we can’t look away. And sure, the show is mostly silly, but it’s fun nonetheless!

If you’re a fan of Syfy’s Z Nation, you’ll probably love the show in particular as Black Summer serves as a prequel to it. The pilot episode introduces a few set of survivors we will be following throughout the series. Eventually, if they don’t die beforehand, that is, all of these characters meet each other.

Haven’t watched Black Summer on Netflix yet? What are you doing here! Read no further as spoilers follow…

Following along to Black Summer is easy. Though they don’t set up a story, there’s no need. It’s your average zombie plot. Main goal? Survive. Not only survive the undead, but also other survivors who’ll do whatever they have to do to stay alive –including killing you.

With little to no explanation needed, we dive right in to meeting everyone. Not many survive the journey to the stadium that supposedly houses a community of survivors. In fact, only three make it to the end. Will there be another season?

As fast as story goes, there can be! Three have survived, so what’s next? We’d love to see how others have been surviving all this time. When it comes to ratings, Netflix is likely to not reveal any numbers, the streaming giant still needs a few days to see if Black Summer is popular with viewers. After all, the show did only just premiere.

With all that said, I think it will be at least a few more days before Netflix makes an official announcement on whether or not Black Summer will return for another season.

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