Will Fresh Off the Boat be canceled or renewed for season 6?

With season five finished, fans are eagerly awaiting the answer to whether or not Fresh Off the Boat will be canceled or renewed for season 6?

Fresh Off the Boat has managed to stay on shore for five seasons now. We’re way past the initial Taiwanese cowboy-themed steakhouse premise and beginning struggles with Asian cultural integration. The show has grown significantly since reaching the dry land of multiple renewals.

Initial hurdles during the first season led to author-of-source-material-Eddie Huang somewhat separating from the show, noting the drastic creative differences between his vision and the network. That is long gone, however, because embracing the American Dream feels like forever ago. It’s simply an American sitcom recipe with Chinese five-spice for flavoring.

Will Fresh Off the Boat be canceled or renewed for season 6?

First and foremost, ratings present a grim reality. They just haven’t been that good. Even after moving to Friday nights, over half of the episodes have had a negative viewer change from previous.

While there have been some sudden, fifth season spikes – Episode 6 when Honey discovered her pregnancy and Episode 9 about the couples’ therapy – the only real standout rating was last week’s penultimate episode. The inconsistency is perhaps the most confusing variable when gauging Fresh Off the Boat moving forward.

The show is definitely on the bubble. Maybe Randall Park will make another plea to network executives to save what he jokingly calls “the best show about an Asian-American family on network television.”

Perhaps the uniqueness will be the saving grace? If not for that, then at least to see little Eddie drop hilarious line after line. Besides, how could it be canceled after being syndicated?

Long story short, there is a good chance Fresh Off the Boat will be renewed.