7 Supernatural mysteries from Game of Thrones that need to be explained

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Ranking all the dragon scenes on Game of Thrones. Photo: HBO / Gif: Giphy
Ranking all the dragon scenes on Game of Thrones. Photo: HBO / Gif: Giphy /


There’s an interesting relationship between magic and dragons that I hope we learn about at the end of the series. When the magic returned to this world, allowing for the religions to suddenly have a surge in miracles and supernatural phenomenons, the dragons came soon after. Surely, Dragons are magical creatures that probably can’t exist without magic. But what we need to know is what is bringing the magic back?

Another parallel exists between magic and the Long night. It seems that every time the Night King returns with the white walker army, magic begins to flourish before he even gets to make his grand entrance. There is always the chance that the Night King brings back magic whenever he starts plotting to invade. Or could there be some higher power that introduces magic back into the world so that humans can defend themselves against the White Walkers?

The magic also boosts the credibility of the religions. The Lord of Light seems to be the reigning champ when it comes to miracles and supernatural phenomenon when compared to the others. We’ve come to witness resurrections, prophetic visions, burning swords, shadow babies, and more since magic returned.

Not to mention that the Children of the forest, a humanoid species that were considered a myth for centuries also returned. And they too hold their own powers which they credit the Old Gods.

Where does magic come from and why is it that it influences the world we’ve come to know in Game of Thrones? Unfortunately, this looks like a mystery we probably won’t ever understand fully. But I’m hoping that we will at least learn the sources of the different magic we’ve seen.