Wife Swap recap: Ranking the DeGarmos and Mosbys

Get the popcorn ready! (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Get the popcorn ready! (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

YouTube obsessed China Mosby swaps lives with technophobe Kelly DeGarmo on the latest episode of Wife Swap. Here’s my ranking of the spouses.

This week’s Wife Swap was about the tech-savvy Mosby family swapping with the off-the-grid DeGarmo family. Kelly and China swapped lives for a week with Kelly having to see what it was like to live in a world full of vlogging and wi-fi and China going through cell phone withdrawals.

John DeGarmo

Every word out of John’s mouth was “predators”. Like dude, I get it, the world is a horrible, scary place. But it’s like he couldn’t see past that to what else was out there. It’s one thing to want to have space for your kids where no technology is allowed but I hate the idea that the older generation has that we’re all stupid because of tech when it just isn’t true and there have been studies to prove as such.

Just because a kid is on their phone doesn’t automatically mean they’re rotting their brain! They could be reading, researching, learning, who knows!

Khris Mosby

Man, this guy would not stop whining. You knew what you signed up for when you got on the show! And Kelly had a point about the fact he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, hang out with his children face-to-face without a camera in hand.

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Not every little part of your life needs to be blasted out to the whole world. Especially when your kids are two young to understand the consequences of that. They should have been asking their daughter’s opinion a long time ago and not had to have someone else come in the house to do it for them.

Kelly DeGarmo

Anyone else find it super ironic that the DeGarmo’s were complaining about cameras being in their face…. to a camera? I mean why go on a reality show then? That said, I didn’t mind Kelly as much as I initially thought I would.

My favorite thing about Wife Swap is the episodes where the families actually do learn from one another in a real, genuine and respectful way. It did feel like China and Kelly truly benefited from walking a mile in the other’s shoes.

China Mosby

I found China to be the most entertaining one from tonight’s episode of Wife Swap, in that she was really sweet and genuinely funny. I think she wanted the best for her kids for once and the fact she was open to change and not incredibly stubborn or stuck in her ways was a sign of her strength. I also loved the moments where China was able to help Kelly’s kids feel beautiful and help them with their hair in a way their parents wouldn’t have understood or tried to learn about.

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Really, both wives this week were pretty cool people for the most part. It actually seemed like they got something really positive out of this experience that they intend to bring home with them.

A new episode of Wife Swap premieres April 25th on Paramount Network.