New Amsterdam: It’s time for Max to put himself first

Photo by: Francisco Roman/NBC, acquired from NBC Media Site
Photo by: Francisco Roman/NBC, acquired from NBC Media Site /

Throughout New Amsterdam Season 1, we’ve watched Max put everyone but himself first. It’s time to do the exact opposite.

New Amsterdam Season 1 is all about a public hospital. Ryan Eggold came off The Blacklist and landed the lead in the series, playing Max Goodwin, a new medical director with cancer. Throughout the season so far, he’s routine put the hospital and other patients first. Now, it’s time to put himself first.

Yes, there’s the fear that he will lose his position or people will suffer because he’s putting himself first. Max is a workaholic and that’s been routinely shown. Even before the cancer, it was clear that he would always put patients and a hospital before everyone else in his life. He even put the hospital before his wife and unborn child.

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But it’s time to make some changes. Max needs to put himself first. Honestly, I’m surprised that didn’t happen sooner, such as shortly after the midseason premiere. He started to put himself first and then other things came up. He started skipping chemo and radiation.

If he continues in this way, he will die. That’s something his new doctor pointed out in New Amsterdam Season 1, Episode 18. Is this enough to get Max to put himself first?

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I’m not entirely sure that will happen. Max just isn’t a person who can put himself first. His workaholic and kind-hearted ways won’t allow him. There’s also the fear that if he puts himself first, he can’t be there for the hospital. But he’s got to remember that if he doesn’t put himself first, he will die. Then he can’t be there for anyone.

At first, his need to put others first was sweet and honorable. Now it’s just getting annoying and infuriating. I feel for his doctors, his wife, and the rest of his family.

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What will it take for Max to put himself first? What is going to happen to make him realize treating himself is necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New Amsterdam continues to Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.