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Bosch -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via
Bosch -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via /

Did you realize God would be in Bosch Season 5? Okay, maybe not as God but Rob Benedict does have an important role for various characters.

God has made his way into the world of Bosch. Okay, so it’s not quite “God” per se, but you do get to see Rob Benedict in a role in the Amazon Prime Video police drama.

He’s only in two episodes of the season, playing Dr. Victor Hansen. While his role is small, it’s an important one for a number of characters in Season 5, based on the novel “Two Kinds of Truth.”

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Dr. Hansen runs a veteran group therapy session. It’s a group that Bosch attends while working a case. You don’t need the full details — and actually, you won’t want them as they’ll include spoilers. This is certainly a show that you’ll want to check out for yourself.

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Bosch also includes a number of familiar faces from Supernatural. One of those is the lead character, Titus Welliver. You’ll remember him as War in Supernatural Season 5. Funnily enough, he was also on LOST with Mark Pellegrino, who, as you know, plays Nick/Lucifer in the CW show. The world of acting is small when you start looking at all the connections!

Back to Bosch, though, and Season 5 is based on Michael Connelly’s novel, “Two Kinds of Truth.” And I say based on because it’s not the exact same. There are a number of substantial differences, including new characters in the TV series. Don’t worry! Connelly is heavily involved in the TV show, so readers will certainly enjoy both entities of the tale in different ways.

Benedict is in the fourth and fifth episodes of Bosch Season 5. You can watch all 10 episodes now on Amazon Prime Video.

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Bosch Seasons 1-5 are now available on Amazon Prime Video.