Someone Great on Netflix: One question we all need the answer to

Someone Great on Netflix via Media Center
Someone Great on Netflix via Media Center /

Someone Great on Netflix made us cry, laugh, and relate. But there’s one question we all desperately need the answer to!

Netflix continues to win the romcom game with its amazingly sweet, yet realistic movies. The latest to make us both crack up laughing and weep is Someone Great, starring Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow, and DeWanda Wise. Haven’t seen the movie? Spoilers ahead!

The movie left audiences with a few questions, we mainly wanted closure for Jenny (Rodriguez) and Nate’s (LaKeith Stanfield) breakup, which we didn’t get. Even though Jenny was able to move on in the end, we wish we had heard more from Nate. This isn’t our big question, though.

If you’re familiar with my “one question” articles, and are thinking “great, Sandy is back with her ‘one question’ no one actually cares about or is asking,” you are right! This is yet another feature about a random question that came to me while watching.

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It’s not as silly as others have been, though, hear me out!

Jenny cries (a lot) in Someone Great. Many times, we cry with her. In the first scene, her makeup is all over the place after sobbing for probably long hours. We can relate girl, mascara getting all over our face is highly relatable.

However! In the final scenes, Jenny also cries and wipes tears from her eyes and face. The difference? This time, her makeup is flawless! Jenny’s eyeliner is on point (literally and figuratively) and her mascara doesn’t fail her this time, which brings us to our question…

Someone Great
Someone Great on Netflix via Media Center /

What mascara (and eyeliner) is Gina Rodriguez using? 

Seriously, girl share your beauty secrets! We really need to know so we’re prepared next time we go out with our girls knowing our mascara won’t be running. Just take a look at the image above! Flawless. What brand is it? And is it available at Sephora? Answers, please.

Someone Great on Netflix is a relatable and raw story of heartbreak and friendship. dark. Next

In all seriousness, though, what a great movie! Gina Rodriguez beautifully portrays joy and heartbreak and viewers can’t help but feel for her. It’s a movie to watch alone with ice cream or with your friends! Check out our in-depth review in the link above.

Someone Great is now streaming on Netflix.