Into the Badlands Season 3, Episode 14: Curse of the Red Rain

With just three more episodes of Into the Badlands, we had a major showdown and a major death last night as Cressida finally shows how powerful she is.

In this week’s episode of Into the Badlands, the writers and producers got straight to the action. So we won’t waste time either.

Cressida messes up

At the start of the episode, Cressida confronts Lydia and Moon about their failure to deliver on her request. They’ve gotten the banners up but they have not delivered on the grain. When Cressida gets too close Nix steps up to defend Lydia. Realizing that Nix has switched sides makes Cressida even angrier but before she can react properly The Widow sticks a sword to her throat and claims her as a prisoner.

After Cressida is taken away, The Widow tells Lydia that once the war is won she’d like Lydia to take over. She is no longer sure she’s the right choice to lead. She also lets Lydia know that she knows about her and Moon.

Sunny, Bajie, and Kannin

Back at the Monastery Bajie discovers that Pilgrim has woken up the sleepers and Sunny is now concerned about getting back to Henry. Kannin tells them that she knows a back way into the Badlands but Bajie isn’t sure he trusts her. Sunny insists that they should and they go.

Deeper into their journey through this shortcut, Bajie again vocalizes his distrust for Kannin. He shows Sunny a map he stole from Magnus and says he doesn’t see this path on that map. Sunny again blows off his concerns.


Word reaches Pilgrim that Cressida has been taken and he is ready to get on the warpath. MK tells him that this is a trap and that Pilgrim needs to recover and that the sleepers need training. A sleeper then steps up and says they’re ready. Pilgrim, still coughing up blood, says to ready the fighters.

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Cressida is powerful

For whatever reason, they put Cressida in the nice cell with the fancy bed where MK was previously held. While in the cell, The Widow visits her and Cressida tells her not to give up the fight or her unborn child will die.

Yep. Minerva is pregnant.

Later, Cressida has somehow gathered all of the ingredients she needs (candles, vases, matches, etc.) to set up a ritual in her cell. She carries out the blood ritual and large red storm clouds appear in the sky. It rains blood all over the fort and the people in it.

Lydia confronts Cressida about the rains, knowing it was her, then has her moved to the actual cells.

Orla Brady as Lydia, Sherman Augustus as Moon – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Preparing for battle

On the front lines, Moon is worried about the coming war. He tells Lydia that he’s worried about his life because he has a reason to live with her there. They have a great moment and she tells him what the Widow told her. They can rule the Badlands together when the war is over.

While this is happening, The Widow sends Tilda and Nix to track Pilgrim.

When Gaius goes to speak to Minerva alone she is talking to him coldly and he calls her out for it. In case you forgot, the child would be his and she’s got this on her mind but won’t tell him right now.

Bajie was right

Finally, the trio reaches the end of their trail and arrive at the sea. Kannin has lied to Sunny and taken him to the ships that The Black Lotus used. She says that they can leave on them and get away from the Badlands but Sunny is not going to leave his son.

He asks her to give him his gift back and she refuses. She says that she’s the only one that can give it back to him but that Pilgrim can take it away. If he does that, they’ll both die. Sunny decides to leave with Bajie who gives him a lecture about how Sunny doesn’t ever listen to him.

The battle

When Pilgrim and his people arrive at the gates, no one is outside. They cross the trenches that were being dug when Moon was telling Lydia he was nervous and The Widow shows herself at the top of the wall. The Widow’s people release a blue liquid into the trench behind them and then they shoot arrows into the trench on both ends. The trench goes up in a huge fire, trapping them into the gap between the wall and the flames.

Before Pilgrim and his people can react, the Widow’s army shoots thousands of arrows into the air to rain down on them. They lift their shields but if you recall, they didn’t train so many of them don’t do so properly and Pilgrim loses at least half of his army here alone.

Angry, Pilgrim charges and runs up the wall. He goes dark and The Widow challenges him to fight her without his gift. He obliges.

While they’re fighting at the top of the wall, Moon backs a large truck up to the inside of the gate. MK and 5 of his fighters are marching toward the gate as Moon starts a timer. Pilgrim notices the bomb but not in time so the bomb goes off and blows MK and his team back. It kills several others and Pilgrim eventually finds MK’s body. He’s badly burned but still alive.

Babou Ceesay as Pilgrim, Thom Ashley as Eli – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Tables turn

Pilgrim screams out “vengeance” and he and the 20 or so remaining fighters continue forward. The Widow then orders Lydia to kill Cressida and says that she’s going to go after Pilgrim. Gaius stops her and says that they need to keep her safe since she’s the leader. He and Moon go to fight Pilgrim’s team instead.

When Lydia enters the crypt she announces what she’s going to do and Cressida calls her bluff. While Lydia waits, Cressida starts chanting and when she looks up her eyes go red. She gets up, using her cloak to fight Lydia back. They fight within the cell before Cressida gets the sword away from Lydia and stabs her through the stomach. She leaves her there to bleed out.

Back at the main fight, Moon and Gaius are holding their own against the sleepers before the one that told Pilgrim they were ready goes for Moon. He breaks Moon’s sword and when the blade falls in front of Gaius he notices and throws a sword at the kid to help Moon escape him. They both kill several sleepers but a lot of their fighters are killed. The two escape and see Cressida walking out as they do.

Moon rushes to find Lydia clinging to life in the cell. She tells him to throw his sword into the ocean and get out of the Badlands. They share one last kiss before she dies.

As we have learned well over these three seasons, love doesn’t last in the Badlands so this shouldn’t have been a surprise but it was. We’ll see how Moon responds over the course of these last two episodes.

Into the Badlands returns next Monday night at 10/9 Central on AMC.