Ranking the all-female MVP’s of the Battle of Winterfell

Acquired via HBO press release.
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Battle of Winterfell
Acquired via HBO press release. /

4. Daenerys Targaryen

Okay, okay. Hear me out. I know some people have been hating on the Mother of Dragons for her poor, scattered performance in the Battle of Winterfell. BUT. Y’all remember that a ginormous truth bomb was just dropped on her, mere minutes before the dead charged the castle walls? Yup. Girl was shook, and so we all need to give her a little credit on that front.

Mostly we need to remember that Daenerys didn’t need to be in Winterfell AT ALL for this shizz! She followed Jon Snow to the ends of the earth, all in the name of love. She traveled to the North with her two dragons, a highly-trained and multi-skilled army, and the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Like Missandei so shadily reminded Sansa while they were tucked away in the crypt, the Mother of Dragons is why they didn’t all instantly die as soon as the White Walkers came to town.

Daenerys’s participation in this particular war cost her dearly as she lost most of her army as well as her beloved, devoted right-hand-man Jorah Mormont. In the process, she valiantly attempted to char the Night King to a crisp, finally wielded a sword, and even got in some gnarly kills on the ground. Those reasons place her squarely in MVP territory, at least for now…