Ranking the all-female MVP’s of the Battle of Winterfell

Acquired via HBO press release.
Acquired via HBO press release. /
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Battle of Winterfell
Acquired via HBO press release. /

2. Arya Stark

A girl is an assassin. A girl saved humanity. A girl is forever Arya Stark of Winterfell.

Arya is everything. While we see her crack out her sweet ninja skillz throughout the first few minutes of the army breaking through the castle walls, flipping and slashing her way through its hallowed halls, she quickly becomes overwhelmed. Overwhelmed turns to fear. Fear turns to desperation. She might be a highly skilled assassin, but she’s also human. And, as Arya knows too well, any (hu)man can be killed.

Saved by Beric Dondaarion and her old pal the Hound, Arya begins to give in to panic. But one quick infusion of deadly serious energy from Melisandre (see next slide) sets her off in a different direction.

Everyone thought Jon Snow was going to kill the Night King. It seemed to be his destiny. So most didn’t see Arya coming. At least the Night King sure didn’t. Because when Arya Stark swooped down from the sky like a freakin’ bird and attacked the ancient, vengeful Popsicle, he was fully unprepared. Out of the thousands of trained warriors at Winterfell, only Arya was able to get the jump on death and save humanity. A girl is smart, strong, and a true heroine.