Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5: Odds of death

Game of Thrones Season 8 -- photo: Helen Sloan/HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site
Game of Thrones Season 8 -- photo: Helen Sloan/HBO -- Acquired via HBO Media Relations Site /

Game of Thrones continues to shock us with unexpected character deaths. Who will be the next person to meet their untimely demise?

The sheer numbers of the Battle of Winterfell likely won’t be reached again. After all, an entire civilization (i.e. Dothraki) was basically made extinct. The writers of Game of Thrones still have quite a few tricks up their sleeve.

For instance, who saw Rhaegal going down in a heap? Euron is apparently a more deadly marksman with an experimental weapon than Annie Oakley from a foot away, but we won’t split hairs at this moment. On top of the dragon, Missandei is dead? It just doesn’t seem possible. So who is the next to bite the bullet?

Odds of Death: In Trouble


Oh, Euron is going to die next episode. He has to, right? The preview showed him looking into the clouds for a dragon. The sound of a dragon was up above…not that he could see it. Long story short, the attack sequence from The Good Dinosaur is how Euron will meet his end. Except with a lot more fire based on the anger Daenerys had in her eyes. Additionally, Game of Thrones has been good about killing off characters when the character is happy. Euron just found how he’s going to be a “father.” Yeah, he’s dead.

Grey Worm

What more does he have to live for at this point? He can’t take his girlfriend to Naath and live the life he promised her. Why not go out in a blaze of glory, killing as many as possible along the way?

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What would be interesting is if he actually lets his rage cloud judgement and strays from battle plans, however horrible and ill-conceived they may be, that cost other lives. It’s also interesting to consider if his loyalty to Daenerys is still the driving force, rather than seeking revenge for the woman he loved. Love and rage together can make a person do crazy things.

Odds of Death: Be Cautious

Ser Brienne of Tarth

Speaking of people going through a lot of emotion at the moment. Brienne was absolutely gutted after Jaime used her like they just hooked up at a frat party. She’s been stoic the entire series, maybe even possessing the most consistent moral compass of all characters, but everyone has a breaking point. She might just ride after Jaime and do something stupid.


Surely the Freefolk are not really leaving. And there is no way Tormund gives up the woman of his dreams that quickly. His departure was far too abbreviated for it to truly represent all he has meant to the series. Recommended win-her-back-strategy outside of Winterfell, with obvious bard substitution:

As a throwaway fifth person who might die, let’s say Varys. His lack of support for Daenerys might lead to Tyrion leaking information about the eunuch’s sedition.

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Game of Thrones has more death coming after episode four. It’s only just beginning. Watch subsequent death Sunday on HBO.