Bob’s Burgers recap: Yes Without My Zeke is unlike any other

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In its season 9 finale, Bob’s Burgers takes a unique approach when the Belchers kids band together while Bob and Linda deal with some dramatics.

Season 9 of Bob’s Burgers has been a rollercoaster for both the Belchers and us fans. As awesome as it was, it’s time to wrap up another season. Thankfully, there should be a lot of Bob’s Burgers content to keep us entertained until season 10 gets here. Before then, it’s time for the last hurrah and with an episode entitled “Yes Without My Zeke,” there is no telling what kind of trouble the Belcher kids will get into.

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, there will be spoilers from “Yes Without My Zeke” from this point on!

“Yes Without My Zeke” starts with the kids eating lunch with Jimmy Jr and Zeke until Zeke gets in trouble for body-slamming Jimmy Jr. Mr. Frond gives his detention. Even though Tina wanted to play sunburn bingo with Jimmy Jr alone, Zeke shows up at the very end. Zeke explains that his dad will send him away if he gets another detention and he admits that he spelled bad words on the ceiling.

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Louise suggests that they all work together to break into the school and save Zeke. To get inside, they have to find someone small enough to fit through the window. Louise talks to Arnold who agrees. The following day, Arnold gets them inside where they almost get caught by Mr. Branca but he doesn’t notice them. They try to use the broom to knock down the spitballs and knock down some until Mr. Frond shows up.

They manage to evade him and get back to the room with the ladder. Zeke gets everything down and starts celebrating until Mr. Frond overhears them. They try to come up with a plan until Zeke decides to give himself up to save them. Eventually, Tina feels bad and explains that they all need to get up into the ceiling.

Mr. Frond hears them and using Arnold, they’re able to confuse him, saving Zeke. The episode ends with Jimmy Jr thanking Tina as she wanted and Linda says she hopes that she and Bob die in the restaurant together.

At the restaurant, Randy, the documentary filmmaker comes in and asks to rent the restaurant out for his short film. Bob says no at first until Randy gives him a huge check. Bob keeps making comments while Randy is filming since everything rhymes.

Randy also admits that he changed up the script to portray the restaurant in a negative light. Randy explains that the entire premise was that his character was talking to death. Randy wants to play death until Bob tells him it’s stupid and Bob decides to play death.

Looking at the two plotlines, this is another case where the two don’t really mesh. The plotline with the kids and Zeke would have been enough for the episode. Adding in Randy’s plotline felt really out-of-place. It wasn’t overly funny and Zeke’s plotline didn’t really need a break. It would have flowed better without Randy, Linda and Bob at the restaurant.

While Bob’s Burgers has many side characters, Zeke is one we know relatively well. “Yes Without My Zeke” did a good job of making Zeke the focus. It was awesome to see everyone else including the Belcher kids try to save it. Even though Tina wasn’t on board at first, it was nice to see her change of heart by the end.

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Overall, I don’t think this was the best episode to end the season on. They would have been better off to focus on one of the Belcher family members. It was by no means a bad episode but not the season finale quality I’m used to. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but as the title suggests, it’s unlike any other Bob’s Burgers episode. Hopefully, we do see another appearance by Arnold, though!

What did you think of season 9 and its finale? Did you think the episode was a little bit lackluster for a finale? Be sure to let me know in the comments!