Game of Thrones: 5 problems with Jon Snow’s ending

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Universal approval for the Game of Thrones ending is more fantasy than the tale of giants, magic, zombies, and direwolves itself. Jon Snow’s tale, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

Warning: Massive spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale ahead. Proceed with caution if you haven’t seen the finale.

So Game of Thrones is over. Finished. Fans are divided on the quality of the ending with near political fervor. Online disappointment with the final season’s writing has been widespread, and it definitely shows with how Jon Snow’s story ended.

Issue #1 – There is no Night’s Watch

No wall. No seclusion. The Night King is dead. Therefore, it’s not a pseudo-prison. So why send Jon there if the Night’s Watch is “screen door on a submarine”-pointless?

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Sure, Bran may have seen the inevitable result (i.e. back with the northern-northerners), but nobody else thought he might just go up north and Bowe Bergdahl beyond the wire? Essentially he’s free to roam.

This is like someone getting sent to Canada after committing murder in the United States. Everyone knew the Wall was busted through; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a battle versus the Night King. Considering the Dothraki and Unsullied would have taken the most issue with this “compromise,” it’s worth noting they were front and center in the battle versus the undead. You may remember it; seemingly the entire Dothraki army was unceremoniously snuffed out like a match.

Even Jon knew the compromise didn’t make sense, which is why Tyrion’s dialogue so quickly glossed over the exposition.