BB21 trending: New season of Big Brother already a hot topic

BB21 has already become a trending topic on Twitter. Big Brother looks to be very popular again this summer.

BB21 is trending on Twitter. Despite Big Brother 21 not even starting up until June, the show has already been very popular on social media. Spurred on by posts from CBS and host Julie Chen, the BB21 hashtag is spreading.

Twitter sees an increase in BB21 hashtag use

On May 20, when the Big Brother 21 start date was revealed, Twitter started really seeing an increase in discussions and posts about the show. That has continued in the hours and days since the announcement, with the show becoming one of the more popular unscripted shows.

While shows like The Voice, The Bachelorette, and RHOBH are still above Big Brother when it comes to the number of online posts, those three shows are sporting new episodes. The only thing going for Big Brother is the news that the show is going to return at the end of June.

This is a good sign for CBS and advertisers, as it appears that the reality competition show has maintained its popularity. That’s a big deal when there is a saturation of shows trying to attract viewers during the summers months. Several networks are even rebooting old game shows to compete.

Will BB21 cast help popularity of the show?

Midway through the month of June, producers will reveal who is participating in Big Brother 21. That news should help create even more buzz and possibly send BB21 higher up on the list of trending TV shows. If the cast is an interesting one, it will only help steer the online conversation in a positive direction.

It’s likely less than a month until the network releases the names of the BB21 cast. That will be another big day for the show, as it will lead to a lot of fan chatter on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit about the summer 2019 season. The initial announcements from CBS have already led to some fake cast lists and fans speculating on which houseguests might return for an All-Stars season.