Big Brother should bring back the nomination wheel of keys

Big Brother has moved from a nomination wheel of keys to a two-key box during the weekly Nomination Ceremonies.

Big Brother used to have an innovative way of revealing who was on the block at each Nomination Ceremony. The Head of Household would put the keys of each houseguest who had not been nominated into the wheel. Then, at the ceremony, people would take turns pulling out keys. If your key wasn’t in the wheel, you were nominated for eviction. A video of the wheel in use is shared below.

The new Big Brother key box

The new incarnation of the Nomination Ceremony has the HOH placing two keys inside a box. During the Nomination Ceremony, they turn a key, and that person’s picture appears on the screen behind them. This is done twice, revealing who has been nominated for eviction.

The new method on the show has taken away a lot of the suspense and intrigue that comes with the Nomination Ceremony. It was always interesting to see the order that a Head of Household had decided to put the keys in the wheel. It was also dramatic as a lot of houseguests were left to wonder if they had possibly been nominated as it all played out.

New nomination block saves time

It’s possible that the use of the new two-key block is there to save time. It speeds up the Nomination Ceremony, allowing the producers to put more footage into the Sunday night episodes. At the same time, it takes away a lot of the excitement that viewers have enjoyed over the years, especially during weeks where people don’t know who is going to be nominated.

While speaking about things that should come back to the show, it is also time to bring back the Have-Not Competitions. Have the houseguests compete in challenges to decide who will become a Have-Not, because the current method is pretty boring. For Big Brother 21, producers should really consider returning to the old Nomination Ceremony and re-introduce Have-Not Competitions.