Big Brother veterans eliminated on The Amazing Race

Big Brother All-Stars instead of Celebrity Big Brother? A production idea (Julie Chen Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS)
Big Brother All-Stars instead of Celebrity Big Brother? A production idea (Julie Chen Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS) /

One Big Brother team had a really bad night on The Amazing Race. Two episodes of the show aired May 22 on CBS.

Big Brother veterans comprised three of the teams competing on The Amazing Race 31. Through the first five episodes of the season, they had all survived and were within the final eight teams. That streak of success came to an end during Season 31, episode 6 of the show.

End of the road for Big Brother team

Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes were just eliminated from The Amazing Race. It was an intense night of the show, with two episodes being shown to make up for Survivor taking its time slot the previous week.

A new thing that the reality competition show has been doing, is to have head-to-head challenges during one of the legs. That happened on Wednesday night, as the teams gradually arrived at one of the stations. That’s where it got really interesting.

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The last two teams competing at the challenge were all former Big Brother houseguests. Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater had to go up against Janelle and Britney, with the losing team getting eliminated from the race around the world.

Rachel and Elissa move on, Janelle and Britney fall short

After finishing in last place during the first episode of the night, Rachel and Elissa got a second chance. It turned out to be an on-elimination leg of the race, keeping them around for the later episode. It was then that they beat out Janelle and Britney to finish in seventh place for the episode.

Janelle and Britney had a rough time this season and struggled during a number of challenges. This elimination seemed to be coming for a while now, even though they had fought hard to do well on each of the legs.

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There are now just seven teams competing for the $1 million cash prize on The Amazing Race 31. That includes the team of Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel, who look like they might be capable of winning the show this season. That would follow up Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from Big Brother 18, who went on to win The Amazing Race last year.