PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 finale preview: BHU’s secret society

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS - "Enter The Professor" - (Freeform/Allyson Riggs) SOFIA CARSON
PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: THE PERFECTIONISTS - "Enter The Professor" - (Freeform/Allyson Riggs) SOFIA CARSON /

All the mysteries of The Perfectionists come to a head in the final, most shocking hour of the season. Don’t miss out on the Season 1 finale tonight!

We’ve finally arrived at the Season 1 finale of PLL: The Perfectionists. The promos for this episode have teased the most shocking hour of the entire season. Will we find out once and for all who killed Nolan Hotchkiss?

If you want to avoid any speculative spoilers about the finale episode, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the article for the information you need on watching the finale live.

In the penultimate episode of The Perfectionists, Taylor Hotchkiss shot Jeremy, believing him to be the culprit behind her brother’s murder. He survives, and we’ll see the aftermath of the showdown in tonight’s episode.

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Jeremy probably didn’t kill Nolan. He never expressly admits to the act. However, he was involved in his death somehow. Hopefully, tonight’s episode will give us some legitimate answers.

Beyond the Hotchkiss family drama, Ava, Dylan, and Caitlin are struggling to figure out how they’re going to stay at BHU next semester.

In a released sneak peek for the episode, Caitlin tells Ava about a secret society on campus known as the Crimson Society. If you become a member, they can provide financial assistance.

As for Ava, we still don’t know what Dana intends to do about the stolen cash. If you pause the main trailer (the bottom video of this article) at the 10-second mark, you can see Ava’s father in the mirror behind her. It could be a hallucination, or maybe her dad has finally shown up to lend a hand.

In another sneak peek scene, Dylan talks with Andrew about an old bully returning to haunt him. Speaking of Andrew, do we know anything about him? Our attention has diverted to Jeremy, but perhaps there is more to Andrew than meets the eye too.

Finally, the title of this episode is “Enter the Professor.” The episode’s synopsis describes intel that will make everyone “question everything they thought they knew.” Putting two-and-two together, could a new presence at BHU put everyone in jeopardy? Perhaps Claire hires someone to replace Mona, and they’re the “professor” in question.

Check out the teaser trailer and official synopsis for the finale right here:

"In the aftermath of a shocking event, Ali, Mona and the Perfectionists try to pick up the pieces of their lives. However, new information is uncovered which makes them question everything they think they know"

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Make sure you don’t miss out on a single second of The Perfectionists finale and then come back here after the episode to read our full breakdown and theories about Season 2!

How to watch The Perfectionists S1 finale live

Date: Wednesday, May 22
Start Time: 8/7c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 10, “Enter the Professor”
TV Channel: Freeform
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