Big Brother 21 cast: Will another all-female alliance try to form?


The Big Brother 21 cast is less than a month from getting revealed by CBS. It’s a prime opportunity for women in the house to work together.

Big Brother 21 begins at the end of June and it will present another chance for an all-female alliance to form. Many times in the past, women have tried to form larger alliances in order to make it deeper into the game. Unfortunately, most of the time, the alliances have broken down before gaining any real traction.

Could Big Brother 21 cast be a bit different?

For prospective members of the BB21 cast, it would be good advice for them to check out the online season of the show. Big Brother: Over the Top featured a very strong alliance of women, with one of them ending up as the winner of the show. Two of the members (Morgan Willett and Alex Willett) are pictured in the main photo for this article.

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What goes wrong with all-female alliances?

There are several problems that seem to develop when all of the women (or most of them) try to team up in one alliance. The biggest problem, though, has always been a lack of trust. For one reason or another, the women stop trusting each other, leading to deceptions and scheming. Sometimes the women even take each other out through the fear that they are the next target.

Paranoia often gets the best of the larger alliances of just women. Sometimes the chaos is created because one or two have started to become involved in a showmance. On several occasions, someone chose a showmance over staying loyal to the original alliance. Within all of these mistakes are lessons for future casts that take the time to watch every episode of previous seasons.

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By the time mid-June arrives, fans will know who has become a member of the BB21 cast. Then, the two-night season premiere will take place during the final week of June. Will early alliances involving just women try to form? If they do, hopefully, those ladies have watched episodes from prior seasons to see what doesn’t work or what could work in keeping the women bonded.