The Perfection: Explaining that final shocking twist

The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /

The Perfection on Netflix is packed with twists and shocking turns, but what exactly is going on in that final scene?

Netflix has once again premiered a Netflix Original that will keep audiences talking for weeks to come! The Perfection stars Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Steven Weber and Alaina Huffman and the trailer gives viewers strong Black Swan meets Get Out vibes, but the events spin into something completely unique, albeit bonkers.

This isn’t to say it’s not a great movie, I truly enjoyed it. But if you haven’t seen it, expect to be grossed out and find many scenes brilliantly ridiculous. With that said, if you have yet to watch The Perfection on Netflix, please note massive spoilers are ahead! Watch it first before reading…

Final spoiler alert! 

The final twist in the movie comes towards the end. We learn Charlotte isn’t the bad guy here at all, she just wants to get Elizabeth away from Anton’s grasp. It’s revealed Anton has been raping the young girls at his school all of these years, including Charlotte and Elizabeth. It’s even insinuated Anton’s late father and grandfather did the same, like a sort of cult.

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Anton justifies the abuse as a punishment for when his pupils play the wrong notes or make the smallest of errors. His speech and reasoning makes no sense at all, but the brainwashing works in the minds of the poor little girls.

The only reason Charlotte escapes is because of her mother becomes ill and she must return home.

Eventually, away from Anton, Charlotte realizes she was a victim and is tortured by the memory of the events. When Charlotte learns Elizabeth has the same tattoo Anton gave her, she decides to find Elizabeth in an attempt to save her from what Charlotte knows is going on behind the scenes.

The Perfection
The Perfection on Netflix via Media Center /

In the final moments of The Perfection, Charlotte (Allison Williams) and Elizabeth (Logan Browning) team up to take down Anton (Steven Weber). In the fight, Anton severely cuts Charlotte’s left hand just before Elizabeth swings at Anton many times with a fireplace poker.

Viewers believe Anton is dead. However, we discover in the last scene of the movie that he’s still alive. Well, for the most part. Instead of letting Anton die, both of his arms and legs arm been amputated, and his mouth and eyes are sewn shut.

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Charlotte and Elizabeth step onto the small stage in front of Anton and play the cello — Charlotte controls the bow with her right hand (as she had to get her left amputated), and Elizabeth plays the strings with her left hand. Together, they are perfection.

The Perfection is now streaming on Netflix. Did you enjoy the shocking twists in the movie? Which one was the most bizarre?