Big Brother 21 start date just one month away for CBS

Big Brother 21 start date just one month away. (BB20 Jury Battle Back Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 21 start date just one month away. (BB20 Jury Battle Back Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

The Big Brother 21 start date has nearly arrived for CBS and the fans. It’s been a long wait for the summer installment of the reality competition show to return.

The Big Brother 21 start date is exactly one month from today, as the new season of the show begins on Tuesday, June 25. While not that long on the calendar itself, it may still seem like a long time for fans to wait. Especially those fans who did not enjoy watching the second season of Celebrity Big Brother this past winter.

CBS confirms the Big Brother 21 start date

A lot of sources have confirmed that the season premiere is going to be a two-night event. The first episode is on June 25 at 8 p.m. PT, followed by a second episode on Wednesday, June 26, at 8 p.m. PT as well. There will likely be an eviction taking place during those first two days, ramping up the excitement for the CBS audience.

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As a reminder, this is a bit of a shift from the Thursday night episodes most of the past seasons of the show have had. The network won’t have a Thursday night viewing during that first week, but it’s still possible that Big Brother: After Dark will make some footage available. The Big Brother live feeds should also be turned on following that June 26 episode, so the BB21 cast is reachable.

Fake BB21 cast lists

Since the season premiere is one month from taking place, social media is starting to fill up with fake BB21 cast lists. No information about who will appear inside the BB house this summer has been revealed. Even though new Twitter accounts are suddenly popping up and claiming that they have the inside scoop, that information hasn’t been revealed. So just relax. It’s coming.

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It’s safe to start getting excited about meeting the BB21 cast, especially with the show now a month from kicking off. The Big Brother 21 start date will arrive quicker than anticipated because there will also be more information revealed about the summer 2019 season very soon. That will likely include host Julie Chen giving a tour of the new-look house.