Big Brother 20 recap: Tech twist, surprise winner from BB20 cast

Big Brother 20 aired during the summer months of 2018. The BB20 cast consisted of entirely new people to the game, with Julie Chen returning as the host.

Big Brother 20 debuted in June 2018 and the season ran for 99 days. There were 16 houseguests in the BB20 cast and none of them had been on the show before. It was a nice return to having an entirely new cast, which meant that the CBS audience and online fans got to root for a lot of new people in the game.

Big Brother 20 theme, BB App Store

A technology theme was used for the season, beginning with the BB App Store. The season started by registering which houseguests were trending online. The most-trending houseguest would get a reward like an advantage in the game and the least-trending houseguest would get a punishment. One punishment was Sam Bledsoe having to be a robot for a while.

The tech twist would go beyond the BB App Store, as later there would be a competition to decide a Hacker in the house. That person could shake things up and basically veto one of the nominations from the Head of Household. Kaycee Clark used that Hacker advantage and found a way to blame someone else for what she had done.

Showmances and Level Six alliance

The BB20 cast will be remembered for showmances that took place. One was between Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans, with the couple moving in together after the show. Another one was between Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher.

Tyler and Angela were also part of the Level Six alliance. The group was able to control most of the game and wound up with three of the final four people in the game. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee,  Brett Robinson, Rachel Swindler, and Winston Hines made up that alliance.

Tyler controlled the game for most of the season, but as the BB20 jury started forming, Kaycee began winning competitions. By a vote of 5-4, the jury named Kaycee Clark the Big Brother 20 winner.

There were a lot of interesting members of the BB20 cast and several that should be invited back if the producers put together another All-Star cast. It is also likely that a few of them stay active on Twitter as the new season of the show begins this summer. Even as Big Brother 21 approaches, the CBS All Access application still has episodes of Big Brother 20 for fans to re-watch.