Julie Chen posts new Big Brother photo to spur interest, creates humor

Julie Chen posted about Big Brother again on her Twitter account and it has led to a lot of humorous posts from fans.

Julie Chen posts about Big Brother a lot on her Twitter account when the show is taking place. She also helps to create buzz for the new seasons by teasing fans on social media. Chen did just that on her Twitter account this weekend, as she posted a photo of herself. That photo and the Twitter post are shared below.

Julie Chen creates unintentional jokes

There have been a lot of Big Brother 21 rumors online, including a possible All-Stars cast this summer. Recently, Chen posted a photo of herself in a leather jacket, leading to some fans believing it was a hint at the cast. It was not.

Because of that those prior rumors, now people are joking about the new photo, suggesting that it indicates things like four returning houseguests because she is holding four cards. Another online joke was that it could be a house full of Donald Trump supporters because her shirt is orange.

The latest post doesn’t actually include a newly taken photo, as Chen is wearing the same outfit from promotions used for Big Brother 20 last summer. Its probably a stock photo, but it wasn’t intended to show off fashion choices. It was used to mark the date. There is now less than a month until the season premiere of Big Brother 20.

Almost time for BB21 cast reveal

The first Big Brother 21 air date is on Tuesday, June 25. It is expected that the BB21 cast will get revealed during the prior week. A good assumption would be that CBS and the show producers reveal the new houseguests around Monday, June 17. That’s not too far off on the calendar, which is why people are starting to get excited about who might be playing the game this summer.

There haven’t been any hints about the theme yet, so fans are left to guess about what might be done next. For Big Brother 20, the producers went with a technology theme. When it gets closer to the season premiere airing, Julie Chen will likely provide a house tour online, so that could be when viewers find out more information about the coming season.