Netflix has released its most bonkers movie and dramatic series

What | If on Netflix via Media Center
What | If on Netflix via Media Center /

Things are insane over at Netflix this weekend, with the release of What/If  and The Perfection. 

Have you been keeping up with the latest content on Netflix? If not, no worries, we’re here to get you caught up on things. And, if you have, you know how crazy things are over at the streaming giant. We mean this in the best way!

Please note: NO spoilers ahead! It’s absolutely fine to proceed whether or not you’ve seen What/If and The Perfection on Netflix. 

The streaming service has decided to premiere it’s wackiest and freakish content all in a single weekend, we’re not catching a break! Let’s quickly discuss both and our mixed feelings.

The Perfection

I rushed to watch The Perfection as soon as it became available. I found the trailer incredibly intriguing and I’m a fan of Allison Williams. The trailer and first 20 or so minutes of the movie give serious Get Out meets Black Swan vibes. However, right at the 25 minute mark, events take an unexpected spin.

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Just when you believe you have the movie figured out, there’s an unexpected twist or simply a ridiculous scene that’ll have viewers scratching their heads. Everything leads to a huge reveal  towards the end, but nothing could prepare audiences for the final moments that are simply eccentric and right out of a gore-packed horror.

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The Perfection is not what I was expecting or even what I wish it had been, but it’s very entertaining and brilliantly bizarre.

What | If on Netflix via Media Center
What | If on Netflix via Media Center /


The Netflix Original series, What/If is as odd as the slash between What and If. Just like The Perfection, this series is not what it appears to be. The events, actions, and characters are so insane and absurd, many are describing it as trash TV.

Make no mistake, though, this is the best trash TV in years. It’s addicting, packed with drama, and should be classified instead as a Netflix soap!

What/If consists of 10 episodes that are approximately an hour-long.

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Have you watched Netflix’s film The Perfection or the drama series What/If? If so, which do you recommend new audiences check out first? Both are streaming now on Netflix!