Big Brother casting director shares excitement, teases fans online

The Big Brother casting director just posted on Twitter about how close the new season of the show has become. It has created excitement and also jokes that she is hinting at the BB21 cast.

Robyn Kass, who is the Big Brother casting director, made a fun post to Twitter on Monday morning (May 27). It got a lot of fans excited about the upcoming season and understandably led to a lot of jokes that the post was hinting about the BB21 cast. Those jokes stem from people overreacting to a recent post that host Julie Chen made on Twitter.

The Robyn Kass Twitter post

As shown in the image below, she simply stated that “Summer is coming!” She also posted a series of emojis that have to do with Big Brother 21. Some of them are very easy to understand, like the key and house, and some, like the snake and unicorn, take a bit more thought.

This is fun to see on social media because it definitely helps create some additional buzz about the summer 2019 season. There probably aren’t any hints within the emojis that Robyn Kass used, but it’s still fun to see some of the theories that people are posting on Twitter.

Big Brother 21 highlights summer on CBS

The early schedule has already been released for the new season. Among the important dates to focus on is Tuesday, June 25, as that is when the first episode will air on CBS. It’s part of a two-night event where the CBS audience will get to know the BB21 cast.

Information about who will be on the new Big Brother cast will come out a bit later. Expect Robyn Kass, Julie Chen, and CBS to post about it all on social media when the premiere date gets a bit closer. Until then, there is a lot of time to re-watch past episodes of the show.

The new season of the show will also be accompanied by live feeds, which will give online viewers a chance to see what is going on behind the scenes. It’s going to be a great way to keep up with what is going on inside the BB house and how the Big Brother 21 cast is really interacting with each other.