When does Jessica Jones season 3 premiere on Netflix?

The last surviving Netflix-Marvel series, Jessica Jones, premieres on Netflix soon. But when, exactly, and what can we expect?

*UPDATE* Jessica Jones Season 3 premieres June 14, only on Netflix!

Jessica Jones is the finale Netflix-Marvel Universe series on the streaming giant. Sure, the others such as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and more are still available to watch, but no new seasons are coming.

By now, it’s no secret Netflix has cancelled and cut all ties with Disney, no matter how great and loved the shows were (RIP Matt Murdock and others!). Luckily, we can at least say we’re thankful Netflix didn’t go back on their word and will still premiere Jessica Jones Season 3.

When will the final season of Jessica Jones premiere on Netflix? Unfortunately, no official date has been released just yet. However, we do know it’s coming very, very soon! As in just a few weeks (maybe even days)!

Netflix and series star Kristen Ritter have been teasing that Jessica Jones Season 3 drops on the streaming service in June. They’ve also promised to reveal the exact day soon. Stay tuned and come back here as we will be updating the date as soon as we know it!


What can we expect? Hopefully, a nice close to the series. Unlike the other three (Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and even The Punisher if you’d like to include it), Jessica Jones was cancelled before the final season finished filming. We are crossing our fingers this means the cast and crew were able to connect all loose ends and will bring us all a satisfying close.

What does this mean? Well, I’m not sure what’s on YOUR wishlist, but in mine is definitely Luke and Jessica getting together! It’s a relationship that has been teased before it even began. We love it and we demand a happy ending.

We would also love for Trish and Jessica to not only be best-sisters again, but team up and fight this season! We could go on forever with what we want to see, but let’s save the speculating for later!

Once again, stay tuned for updates!