What/If on Netflix: What is Sean and Anne’s secret?

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What If

What/If on Netflix via Media Center

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding What/If on Netflix (besides the slash between the two words in its title) is Sean’s big secret. What happened during his night alone with Anne?

From the trailers, it’s obvious that Netflix’s What/If is not like any other show on the streaming service, or possibly anywhere. The 10 episode drama is jam-packed with absurd secrets and reveals, and though classified as a soap and trash TV, it’s incredibly addicting!

If you’re on this page, it’s likely because you have watched the first episode and can’t take the mystery any longer. What happened between Sean (Blake Jenner) and Anne (Renee Zellweger) during their night alone?

Or, perhaps, you got through a few more episodes, and are instead curious about what Sean’s story is. Either way, chances are you can’t wait for the answers. Instead of continuing your binge-watch, you came to the internet for answers.

Hey, we’re not here to judge. We can all be impatient. Not to mention, hitting pause on What/If isn’t the worst thing you can do. It’s trash TV gold, after all. With that said, this is your only spoiler warning!

First, let’s get this out of the way – No. Sean and Anne did not have sex. That was never Anne’s intention or desire, she had something more sinister in mind when she tracked down the duo.

Knowing Lisa (Jane Levy) desperately needs an investor for Emigen, her medical research, to succeed, Anne makes her an offer she can’t refuse: An $80 million investment in exchange for a night alone with Lisa’s husband, Sean.

The thing that bothered me most here is how they discuss Sean as if he wasn’t sitting right there and as if he has no say in the matter. I mean, sure he’s willing to do anything for his wife’s dream, but would it hurt to ask the guy first?

Lisa accepts this deal. Part of the contract is that Sean is never to speak to anyone about what Anne and him do, if he does then they’re in breach of contract and Lisa loses the company and all rights to it. Let the first mystery begin!

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