What/If on Netflix: What is Sean and Anne’s secret?

What | If on Netflix via Media Center
What | If on Netflix via Media Center /
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What | If on Netflix via Media Center
What | If on Netflix via Media Center /

What really happened? Well, let’s start at the beginning…

Throughout the series, we learn Sean’s high school girlfriend, Maddie, was almost raped by a drug dealer. Sean shows up just in time to stop it, but he’s so angry that he accidentally kills the guy with a baseball bat. Todd finds Sean in the middle of this scene and helps him cover up the murder.

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Anne knows about the whole thing. Why and why does she care? What/If’s huge twist is that Anne is Lisa’s biological mother. She gave her up for adoption to the couple Lisa believed were her real parents, the ones who died in the fire. Since giving Lisa up, Anne has been following and keeping a close watch on Lisa’s life and looked into Sean when the two married.

Anne doesn’t believe Sean is right for her, especially after his fit of rage got someone killed. She believes Lisa can do better than Sean and doesn’t want Sean married to her, thinking his rage will get the best of him again.

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That night, Anne tells Sean everything she knows and asks him to leave Lisa. If he doesn’t, Anne will proceed to prove to him that he’s only holding Lisa back and will end up hurting her.

In the end, well…I think we’ve spoiled enough! You’ll have to watch to see what ends up happening.

What/If is streaming on Netflix.