Every Stephen King adaptation currently in development

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The Tommyknockers

The alien invasion novel, “The Tommyknockers” takes place in a town under the influence of a dangerous gas released from an alien spacecraft that slowly begins to transform everyone into violent metahumans.

The film adaptation of “The Tommyknockers” has been stuck in development for years without ever managing to move past stage one. It seemed as if no one would ever get around to making it. Now, with James Wan and Roy Lee taking over as executive producers the feature appears to finally be moving forward.

Larry Sanitsy, the producer of the 1993 ABC miniseries adaptation of the novel, is joining Wan and Lee as a fellow executive producer. The Tommyknockers is scheduled for a 2020 release date.

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The Gingerbread Girl

One of King’s more psychological novellas about a grieving woman running from her past and forced to face off against a serial killer, “The Gingerbread Girl” is pretty mild when compared to King’s other works but is more suspenseful on the grounds of realism. It was first published in “Esquire Magazine” before included in the collection “Just After Sunset” in 2008 where practically no one has heard of it.

There are very little details surrounding this film but as of right now, King is co-writing the script with director Craig R. Baxley whose worked with King multiple times on Storm of the Century, Kingdom Hospital and Rose Red.