Every Stephen King adaptation currently in development

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James Franco in 11.22.63 on Hulu. Photo: Hulu
James Franco in 11.22.63 on Hulu. Photo: Hulu /

Drunken Fireworks

The short story “Drunken Fireworks” is a dark comedy about a man who accidentally gets rich and suffers for it, something I’m sure most people claim could never happen to them if money magically appeared on their doorstep.

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Mechanic Alden McCausland magically wins the lottery just as he gets a surprise life insurance policy payout and he’s suddenly a wealthy guy taking drunken vacations on the beach. Before long, he ends up in a firework display competition with a mob boss, Nicky Serrano, because that couldn’t possibly end badly.

James Franco will both produce and star in the film, knowing him he’ll most likely direct it as well, and frequent collaborator Matt Rager has recently been brought on to pen the script. It currently has no release date.

The Bone Church

Sick of remakes of the same old King classics? Well then here’s the adaptation for you. Chris Long and David Ayer’s Cedar Park Entertainment will develop a television series out of Stephen King’s narrative poem, “The Bone Church.”

Written in the 1960s, the poem wasn’t published until 2009 in an issue of “Playboy” and later revised and published once again as part of the anthology novel, “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams”. Told from the perspective of a man sitting at a bar, the story follows a group of expeditioners that go into a feral jungle to locate the mythic Bone Church but only three of the original 32 explorers survive.

There’s yet to be a cast or crew attached to the project and there’s currently no release date.