Big Brother 21 start date now less than four weeks away

Big Brother 21 start date now less than four week away (Tom Green and Kandi Burruss Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS)
Big Brother 21 start date now less than four week away (Tom Green and Kandi Burruss Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS) /

Big Brother 21 is just about ready to start on CBS. The start date is less than four weeks from hitting and fans are really excited on social media.

The Big Brother 21 start date continues to be a hot topic, with the hashtag for BB21 also dominating social media posts about unscripted television shows. With each passing day, it also gets closer to the day that show producers will reveal the names of the new houseguests. Fans shouldn’t expect that information to come from casting director Robyn Kass.

When is the Big Brother 21 start date?

The official Big Brother 21 start date is Tuesday, June 25. Episode 1 begins at 8/7c on CBS, with episode 2 on the following night (June 26) at the same time. The two-night premiere will be used to introduce the CBS audience to the new cast and to bring fans up to speed on what has been transpiring inside the BB house.

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There is still a lot of information that viewers are waiting to learn about the summer 2019 season. CBS and producers have yet to reveal the theme for the coming season. They also haven’t revealed any names from the BB21 cast, leaving fans to guess about whether it is an entirely new cast or a group of returning houseguests. Plenty of Big Brother 21 rumors have been posted on social media.

Julie Chen is back as Big Brother host

Some great news about the upcoming season is that Julie Chen is back as the host. While it is unclear who might be at the helm for Big Brother 22, she is definitely filling the position again this summer. The new question is whether or not she will get a new contract, as her current one comes to an end in the fall. With how much most of the fans still love her, she should return.

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Soon enough, Julie Chen will be providing a house tour for the coming season. That should provide more information on a possible theme and give die-hard fans a look at the latest makeover the house has received. There were some big changes for the celebrities this past summer, so some fans are hoping for an innovative look for Big Brother 21, as well.